İstanbul Kilise Orgları Ekibi tarihi enstrümanlarımızın onarımında ve bu enstrümanlarla etkinlikler düzenlenmesinde dünya standartlarında çalışmaktadır.

Bu hususta, Opus Amadeus Uluslararası Istanbul Org Festivali etkinliğinde St. Esprit Katedrali’nde bulunan 596 numaralı Gebrüder-Rieger yapımı orgumuzun bakım ve akord hizmetlerini sunuyor olmaktan gurur duyuyoruz.

Ayrıca ülkemize ziyarette bulunmuş, festivalde sahne almış ya da kilise ziyareti sırasında bizimle tanışıp farklı orglarımızı deneme imkanı bulmuş sanatçıların bu konuda bize geri dönüşlerini de önemsiyor ve burada sizinle paylaşmaktan memnuniyet duyuyoruz.

Daniel Morales

Two main purposes guide my career as a concert organist: to bring the art of the organ to ever new horizons, thus bringing the great works written for this wonderful instrument to an audience that rarely has the opportunity to listen to them, and of course, always sharing at the same time, samples of the music of my country.

The experience of the past recital I gave in the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Istanbul was an excellent occasion to communicate this purpose to a warm, attentive audience, whose taste and interest in music has been growing in that mythical city of Istanbul.

Nevertheless, none of this would have been possible without the kind support of Tarkan, who for some years now has been carrying out the noble task of bringing to life and preserving the pipe organs in this fascinating city, the meeting point of two worlds. The work of Tarkan and his team has been essential in bringing the organs back to life and once again fulfilling the purpose for which they were built: to sing wonderful music. 

To Tarkan and his team, my thanks and appreciation are great, sincere and deserved, as well as to the ecclesiastical authorities. My wish is that Istanbul Pipe Organ Team activities will increase, become more and more prosperous, dynamic and successful. Congratulations and keep up the good work!”

Daniel Morales (MEX) 

Concert Organist

Titular Organist and Music Director of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Paris, France

ilaria 2a

It’s been a big pleasure to play both in Istanbul and Ankara! The Istanbul Pipe Organ Team is great and ‘m sure they will keep their high level in every season. They really care about their pipe organs (Thanks to Tarkan, always on it!) and every time is a great experience because of a well-done publicity, lot of interested people and a big-heart organisation team. They show the musicians their big love for their work and they let them feel welcomed and special!

Ilaria Centorrino

Conservatorio A. Scontrino – Trapani

Ilaria Centorrino Official Website

It was a very great pleasure to play an organ concert in Istanbul, last December 9th 2019 at the Holy Spirit Church.

The organ was very well maintained thanks to the high professionality of Istanbul Pipe Organ Team that was always present to keep the instrument at the highest standard!

Emanuele Cardi
Organ and Organ Composition Professor
at State Conservatory of Cosenza “S. Giacomantonio”

Emanuele Cardi Official Website

Thanks to the kind offer of the Team, I was thrilled to have this wonderful opportunity to see and play several organs in Istanbul. I must say all of the organs which the Team showed me were really amazing. Each of them was unique, had their own charme and character. In Europe, it might be hard to find a city with a comparable number of different historical organs, at least in Switzerland where I live. The pipes, stops and other parts of the organs were kept in their original forms at least for a hundred years or longer and have been carefully renovated by this enthusiastic team led by organ builder Tarkan Sendal. I could feel he loves this amazing instrument as much as I do.

Among the organs I had the opportunity to play, my favourite was the Gebrüder-Rieger Organ in the Kript of the Church of St. Anthony for its wonderful sounds those give such beautiful colors.

The organs must be taken care of and regularly played, otherwise it would be like a bird that does not sing anymore. I hope Istanbul Pipe Organ Team will be actively working in this field and I would love to visit them back again.
Many thanks once more to Istanbul Pipe Organ Team

Yoshiko Masaki
Concert Organist
Titular organist of the Reformed Church in Uetikon am See
Titular organist of the Reformed Church in Hinwil

Yoshiko Masaki Official Website