Istanbul Pipe-Organ Team was established in 2019 by Tarkan Sendal (2nd from left in the picture), who studied musical composition in the Fine Arts Faculty of Marmara University, and acted as intern with Polish Master Organ-builder Maciej Sztuba.

The Team has carried out several successful renovations of instruments which would otherwise have remained silent, and our experience in this field enables us to continue the vital work of cleaning, renovating and tuning our rich heritage of organs from around the world.

The picture shows the main members of our Team. We may appear as four person there, but we are a big family in deed.

Introducing from left;

Ayham Mallisho, Video Editor and Restoration Assistant

Tarkan Sendal, The Founder and Chief Technician

Ahmet Sert, Mechanics and Material Engineer

Aras Ali, Video Editor and Restoration Assistant